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Med24 - Efficient e-commerce for health, beauty, and medicare

The Danish company Med24 specializes in the online sale of health, care, and cosmetic products and offers customers in the Scandinavian region an extensive range of items. High growth rates and a product range that now includes more than 10,000 items necessitated the modernization of the warehouse. Med24 has placed its trust in an automated storage system from Kardex Remstar to allow it to continue to work quickly and cost-efficiently and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.


  • Efficient processing of more than 1,500 incoming daily orders
  • Faster order picking times
  • Better use made of the available space
  • Fast training times for new employees
  • Scalable model that keeps pace with the company’s growth


  • Faster order picking process with the automated Megamat RS 350 storage systems
  • Highly dense storage reduces the size of the footprint required from 1,000 m2 to 200 m2
  • Order picking times 60 percent faster
  • Improved picking accuracy thanks to optical pick-by-view indicators
  • Induction time of just two to three hours (instead of the two to three months previously needed)
  • Additional units can be added to the storage system in the event of further growth

Scope of delivery:

  • Nine Megamat RS 350 units
  • Picking aid: optical pick-by-view indicator
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software

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