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Karlstad – hygienic storage of hospital supplies

Karlstad’s main hospital has more than 600 patient beds and its 3,200 employees provide health services for the entire Värmland region in Sweden. As part of a building extension in 2010, the intralogistics operation had to be organized more efficiently and retrieval times cut.


  • Fast retrieval of stored items
  • Easier and more precise access across all departments
  • Hygienic storage conditions
  • Reduce the amount of goods in storage to minimize tied-up capital
  • Reliable inventory management


  • 25-meter-high storage shuttle installed with access openings on all five floors
  • Installation in the center of the building cuts the distance traveled by employees
  • More precise operation thanks to LED pointers and handheld devices
  • Measures have led to time savings of 75%
  • An additional 4–5 patient beds on each floor thanks to the freed-up space
  • Greater liquidity due to the reduced amount of stored goods and tied-up capital
  • Hygienic wire mesh inserts guarantee the cleanliness of the items
  • Increased security provided by PC backup

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Shuttle XP 500 system
  • 125 trays with hygienic wire mesh inserts
  • Handheld devices
  • LED pointers on every floor
  • Warehouse management software integrated with the customer’s ERP
  • Backup PCs

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