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Frydenbo – cost-cutting storage of spare parts

The Norwegian car dealer set itself the aim of keeping 90 percent of all spare parts in stock on the premises. Establishing this service concept required fast processing times and also meant that efficient use had to be made of the available space.


  • Reduce space used for storage so that workshop can be expanded
  • Increase storage capacity at the same time
  • More productive processes in the warehouse and workshop


  • Megamat makes optimal use of the available space and ensures faster retrieval
  • 129 m² of storage space on a footprint measuring just 6 m²
  • An extra 120 m² of space freed up for the workshop
  • Increased storage space cuts transport costs as a result of fewer deliveries. In addition, more orders can be processed in the workshop
  • More employees in the workshop as a result of less manpower needed in the warehouse

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Megamat RS 350 with a total of 4,600 storage spaces

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